Tree and Park Committee

One of the most important jewels in Patagonia’s crown of lifestyle amenities is the park system that runs through the middle of town from one end of the business district to the other. The central park and provides a wonderful setting for our historic town hall, and the park contains picnic grounds and festival space for gatherings of every size and style.

The Mayor and Council appointed a committee to improve and oversee the parks and a report they have prepared and presented to the Council is available here: Draft Action Plan and Recommendations to Town Council

Under the direction of Cornelia O’Connor, the committee welcomes your review and comment as we work to improve our parks. For 2015, committee members are Ann Gosline, Andee Wood, Jason Botz, Barbara Ellis, Bethany Brandt,  Caleb Weaver, Mary McKay, Harry Hower, German Quiroga, Karla Espinoza, Yunghi Choi.

Draft Action Plan and Recommendations to Town Council


AGENDA 1-23-17

Tree and Park Committee Meeting agenda 3-13-2014Agenda 12_05_13November 14 agenda


T and P agenda 09_13_13

tree and park agenda 9_3

Tree and Park Committee Meeting Agenda 8-29-13

Tree Committee Agenda 31July2013

P and T 3_7_13 meeting agenda

feb 28 park agenda copy

Park and tree committee agenda for 2-1-13

MINUTES3_13_14_ tree amd park minutesT P 12_5_13T P 11_21_13 actual

minutes T&P meeting 11-21-13

tree and park 09_03_13 #2

tree and park minutes 8_29

park and tree minutes 3_7_13

tree and park minutes 2_28-13

minutes park and tree 2_1_13

Park and Tree Committee Minutes 12-12-12

Park and Tree Committee minutes of 10-4-12

Minutes of Park and tree Committee Sept 15

Ad Hoc tree and park committee minutes 6-7-11

Committee Minutes 2-26-11



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