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The Town of Patagonia is the owner and operator of the Patagonia Garden Apartments, a federally-funded senior citizen complex near the center of town. The complex contains four one-bedroom and two studio apartments. The complex is located at 285 Pennsylvania Avenue in Patagonia, Arizona.

Anyone is eligible to apply for the apartments, however qualified applicants must be age 60 or older to reside in the complex.

Two of the apartment rents are $249.00 for one bedroom and $236.00 for a studio.  The rent for the remaining four apartments is $285.00 for the one bedroom and $250.00 for the studio.

Rent includes water, sewer, and garbage collection.  The tenant is responsible for gas and electric.  Gas service is provided by UniSource Energy Services and electric service is provided by SSVEC (Sulpher Springs Valley Co-op.) Security deposits are required.

All tenants must be willing and able to sign a one year lease to be eligible to reside in this complex.  Only the first months rest is required to move in.  No security deposit is required. 

One pet per apartment, under 25 lbs., is permitted.  Renters must be responsible for pets.  Pets may not be left on patios, porches or outside alone.  The Town of Patagonia enforces its leash law.

If you have questions about living in the Patagonia Garden Apartments, please contact Isabel Van Nest at the Town Hall at (520) 394-2229

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