Powers and Duties

Powers and Duties:

A. The planning and development committee shall be responsible for identifying and evaluating the unique factors influencing the character and locations of development in the town. The committee shall give attention to both existing conditions and to potential and desirable changes.

B. The committee shall:

1. Formulate, adopt and from time to time revise a long term town plan to guide the development of the town and recommend its adoption or amendment to the council.

2. Recommend to the council the adoption or amendment of zoning regulations and maps.

3. Recommend to the council rules and regulations, policies, resolutions, ordinances and plans which in the opinion of the committee are necessary to carry out the town plan.

4. Recommend to the council subdivision platting rules and regulations and amendments.

5. Recommend to the council amendments to the official map of the town.

6. Submit annually to the council, not less than sixty days prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, a list of recommended capital improvements which in the opinion of the committee are necessary or desirable during the forthcoming three year period.

C. The committee shall be responsible to and advise and recommend to the council on such matters affecting its own administration.

D. The committee shall be responsible to, and act as an advisory body to, the council on all town planning and development matters. In the performance of its functions and duties the committee shall have power to:

1. Enter upon any land and make examinations thereof only with permission, or a court order, or a search warrant and accompanied by law enforcement officials. Or, conduct drive-by inspections from adjacent roads or land on which committee members have permission.

2. Prepare and recommend emergency plans and policies for the re-planning, reconstruction or redevelopment of any area within the town limits seriously damaged by fire, flood or other disaster.

3. Distribute informational reports in order to arouse public interest and to increase public understanding and knowledge of the town plan.

4. Serve as a liaison committee in dealing with citizen groups and agencies of the county, state and federal governments on planning and development problems of common concern to the town.

5. Exercise such additional powers as may be necessary and perform tasks assigned to it by the council.

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