Welcome to the Town of Patagonia

    Patagonia Town Hall

    Patagonia Town Hall

    The Town of Patagonia is appropriately proud of our history and distinctive character. The community is quirky and we like it that way. Visitors tell us that Patagonia’s unique spirit is easily perceived and is their reason to stay or to return. Situated at over 4,000 feet elevation between the Santa Rita Mountains and the Patagonia Mountains in the riparian corridor of Sonoita Creek, Patagonia is spectacularly rich in both natural and human assets. The distinguishing vision of our community is to protect and build sustainably upon these assets and our town character.

    If You Live in Patagonia?
    You May be in the Floodplain
    Know Your Floodplain Hazard
    Over 60% of the Town is within Flood Hazard Area
    Over 80% of the buildings are within the Flood Hazard Area

    Patagonia Fall Festival 2014


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