Patagonia Budget and Financial History

Official City-Town Budget Form a)

Official City-Town Budget Forms c

Official City-Town Budget Forms d

Official City-Town Budget Forms e

Official City-Town Budget Forms f

Official City-Town Budget Forms g

working draft 2018 budget

Water and Sewer Rate Resolution 2016-04

working draft 2017 budget town form

Resolution Official City-Town Budget Forms_1 FINAL

schedule F  FINAL F Official City-Town Budget Forms_1

Schedule G FINAL 2017 G Official City-Town Budget Forms_1

Schedule E FINAL 2017 SCHEDULEOfficial City-Town Budget Forms_1

Schedule D FINAL 2017 SCHEDULE DOfficial City-Town Budget Forms_1

Schedule C Official City-Town Budget Forms_1 FINAL 2017 C

Schedule A Official City-Town Budget Forms_1 FINAL 2017 a

notice of public hearing and budget summary

tentative budget official forms fy 2016-2017

working draft 2017 budget

notice of pending financial statement filing

Official final budget FY 2015=2016

Official tenative budget FY 2015-2016

Official final budget FY 2014-2015

official tenative budget FY 2014-2015

official final budget fy 2013-2014

official tenative budget FY 2013-2014

official final budget fy 2012-2013

official tenative budget fy 2012-2013

official final budget FY 2011-2012

tenative budget FY 2011-2012

 Budget 2008-2012



Patagonia FS 2015

SAS 114 2015

Patagonia LR 2015

Patagonia LR14

Patagonia FS14

Patagonia LR13

Patagonia FS13

Patagonia LR12

Patagonia FS12

Patagonia LR11

Patagonia FS11

Patagonia LR10

Patagonia FS10

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